Troubleshooting Scanner Errors

Are you seeing a scanner error in your Aura Antivirus app? Not to worry, these are normally easy to resolve by following a few steps. 

First, make sure that you've uninstalled your old antivirus software.

  • For helpful instructions on how to uninstall your old antivirus software, please check out this article.
  • After uninstalling any old antivirus software, make sure to restart your computer to be sure that the uninstallation is complete.

Second, try clicking the RETRY button several times.

  • When clicking retry, you may be prompted to let Aura Antivirus/Windows Powershell make changes to your computer. Click YES.
  • It is recommended to click the RETRY button 2-4 times. This helps to restart the Aura Antivirus Service and kick Aura Antivirus back into a normal state. 

Third, try re-running the Aura Antivirus installer.

  • To do so, re-download the Aura Antivirus installer by going to this site