What is Game Mode?

When in Game Mode, Aura Antivirus will not scan for viruses, perform updates, or perform any other actions that might temporarily affect the performance of your device. 

You may want to turn on Game Mode when playing video games, streaming video, or when asking your computer to do other resource-intensive tasks. 

Once enabled, Game Mode will automatically turn off and virus protection will resume after 12 hours. 

How do I turn on Game Mode?

  1. Open Aura Antivirus
    • Windows: You can open Aura Antivirus via the desktop shortcut or the System Tray.
    • Mac: Click on the Aura Antivirus icon in the Menu Bar. 
  2. Select Game Mode via the side panel. 
  3. Then press TURN GAME MODE ON
  4. Game Mode will automatically turn off after 12 hours once enabled. 


 Game Mode Issues

If game mode is spinning, that means that we are having an issue with the Aura Antivirus scanner. Click on the Scan For Viruses tab for more info on the specific error. Once the scanner is able to load and show a READY TO SCAN state, Game Mode can be enabled. 

To resolve scanner errors, please click here: Troubleshooting Scanner Errors