Can Aura Antivirus speed up my computer?

While Aura Antivirus does not have a specific speed-up or tune-up feature, many of the suspicious files that Aura Antivirus finds, contains, and then removes could help speed up your computer. 

Malware and Spyware can be slowing you down!

If your computer is running slow, freezes up, or constantly crashes, it may be the result of malicious infection. These infections can use a large amount of your computer's memory, storage, and other resources to bog down your system.

They can even stop some programs or files from opening!

How do these infections get in?

  • Downloading untrusted applications
  • Downloading untrusted browser extensions
  • Opening an email attachment from an unknown sender

So what can I do?

Run an Aura Antivirus Full Scan

Open your Aura Antivirus App and run a full scan. If we find any suspicious files, we will contain them so you can get back to your day and hopefully complete your tasks faster!

To run a full scan on Windows please click here.

To run a full scan on Mac please click here

Reboot Your Computer

Rebooting (Restarting) your computer gives you a clean slate. Many of the programs and software installed on your computer leave behind trash that needs to be cleaned up. This is normal but you need to reboot your computer on a regular basis. Some reboot their computers every day, some do it every week. 

Check for Updates

Not only should you keep your computer up to date to help speed up your computer but is also necessary so your computer receives the latest security updates and patches. Microsoft and Apple are always sending out updates to keep you and your computer protected. 

Run Disk Cleanup

All computers build up unused or junk files over time. It is recommended you clean up these files when possible.  


  1. Search in your taskbar or start menu for Disk Cleanup. 
  2. Select the areas you wish to clean up. We recommend selecting the Recycling Bin as well as Temporary Files.
  3. Select OK.


  1. Click the Apple symbol in the top left and choose About This Mac from the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the Storage tab
  3. Then click on the Manage button
  4. From here you can follow the Mac recommendations or look through your files and programs to determine what can be removed. Don't forget to empty the trash! Mac_Clean_Up.png