Is there an Automatic scan schedule?

Aura Antivirus performs an automatic, daily scan of your computer for malware.

Scan Schedule

Aura Antivirus is designed to interfere with your regular computer usage as little as possible. To support this idea, Aura Antivirus is programmed to run automatic, daily scans of your device at 3 am, a time when you're least likely to be using your computer.

The full schedule is as follows:

Monday - Saturday: Aura Antivirus will run a Smart Scan at 3 am. This checks the Downloads and Documents folders for threats, the two places where malware is most likely to be found.

Sunday: Aura Antivirus will run a Full Scan at 3 am. This checks every single document on your device for threats.

Your computer does not need to be connected to the internet for these scans to be conducted.


Where will I see the results of these scans?

You can see these scans in the Scan History section of Aura Antivirus.