How do I reinstall Aura Antivirus on my Windows device?

If you are having issues installing or uninstalling Aura Antivirus on your Windows device, or find yourself stuck on an infinite loop for updating, please find the steps below to help troubleshoot this. 

  1. Open the start menu and search for "Task Manager"
  2. Open task manager and click on Aura and then proceed to click on end task. Screen_Shot_2020-12-08_at_11.12.41_AM.png
  3. Open back up the start menu and search for the words Control Panel Find_Control_panel_windows_10.png
  4. Go to Programs & Features or Uninstall a Program
  5. Proceed to scroll down until you find Aura Antivirus and then go ahead and click UninstallScreen_Shot_2020-12-08_at_11.13.20_AM.png
  6. To Reinstall Aura Antivirus, please do so by signing in using this link with your Hotspot Shield premium credentials. From there you can re-download the add-on from your account page.