How do I run my first scan on my Android device?

You've installed Aura Antivirus and are ready to run your first Full Scan. That's great! Once you've installed Aura Antivirus, it's time to see it in action by running a full virus scan to check all of your files for viruses.

Running a Full Scan


  1. Open the Aura Antivirus app. 
  2. Click on the search button "Run your first scan."
  3. If you have not already please allow Aura Antivirus configurations, and to access all media and apps. 
  4. Wait for the Scan to be complete, and if you have encountered any suspicious activity it will look like this:
    If you did not get any threats found you will see a screen similar to this one: 

Congratulations you just completed your first scan on your Android device!